Announcing Our Release


Our Origins

We started our old server, Condival, in 2021. The original idea was to keep HiveMC's legacy going so we got to work and released our first working server. The release didn’t go as planned as we had a few issues here and there and we weren’t satisfied. We decided to take a step back and rethink our goals.

This is where the rebranding started. We are taking it to the next level.

The Rebrand

We formed a new, hard-working team with big dreams. We expanded our initial goal not only to improving the original games to fit our likings, but to also reach new horizons by unleashing our creativity and design never before seen content.

Our new server will initially release with six mini games. We will feature BedWars, Cowboys and Indians, DeathRun, BlockParty, Gravity and One in the Chamber.

Our team has also built a lot of new maps . Each one of them has been carefully planned to offer you the best gameplay experience. We will explain everything from the conception to the release of new maps in another blog post.

The Near Future

We have also been working on some neat features like a replay system, a battle pass, beautiful cosmetics and a lot more yet to come...

In the next few days we will publish other blog posts and videos regarding those new features, so stay tuned!

These are our socials where you can find upcoming content:
Instagram: @LamentisNetwork
Youtube: @LamentisNetwork
TikTok: @LamentisNetwork
Twitter: @LamentisNetwork
Reddit: @LamentisNetwork

Good Ol’ Friends

The players that were active in our old server will be rewarded with a unique “OG” rank, this will be, for obvious reasons, unobtainable in the future.