Our unique way of Building


Being the first thing any new player will experience on the network, all our maps have to fulfill the highest standards of both design and functionality. Running on powerful, dedicated hardware, our seperate build server is a place where creativity meets gameplay.

With more than 10 highly specific, and in part commercially licensed, plugins, and the option to get whatever plugin is requested, our builders are equipped with all the tools needed to build the immersive worlds our minigames take place in. Giving access to over 100 maps, the server set no limits to the creative freedom of our team.

Unleashing creativity

Our Creative Process

The foundation of all our original maps is a basic layout, mostly consisting of a general theme and minigame specific features. Building on top of that, we take great care in forming the terrain to both provide seamless gameplay and a consistent design. This includes thinking of the preferences that different player bases have, for example speedrunning certain game modes. By advising with both the development team and our own minigame experts, we reiterate on the layout and design to find the best possible experience.

Our original maps were built by more than 10 experienced builders so far, each specialising in specific areas of expertise in this process. With regular meetings and progress reviews we enable everyone to test the current prototypes and provide valuable suggestions.

Testing our newly built maps

Bringing It All Together

Before releasing new creations to the public, we make sure the maps work together with the minigame code as intended. This includes regular team internal testing as well as semi-open beta testing. With the main goal to reduce glitches and unintended shortcuts, we strive for the best possible integration with the custom code behind all our minigames.

Do you enjoy building and would like to join us? We are always looking for creative and open minded builders!