Our Minigames


The Present

For our release we have 6 minigames inspired by the Hive, that have been completely rebuilt from the ground up and improved upon by our development team. We have put our focus on making sure that there is seamless integration with the minigames and the general server. Every minigame featured on Lamentis features a point system with separate leaderboards and stats, gives experience that allows you to unlock cosmetics and, includes integration with our new and improved party system, have their own set of achievements, and an ever growing list of maps.

The Future

While we have spent our time making these minigames, we have also developed alongside them foundational libraries to make development faster and easier. This allows for us to in the future, release more classic and perhaps completely new games.

Our team at Lamentis may come from very different backgrounds, but we are united under a common goal to just make some good games and an enjoyable server. We understand that no piece of software is bug free and nothing is ever perfect, but that won't stop us from trying our best to make good and enjoyable minigames.

Our Games

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians is a team based capture the flag minigame. One player from each team will be selected as the leader of their team, the objective of the game is to capture the enemy teams leader. The first team to capture the enemy leader 4 times wins. Teamwork and strategy is key in this game as you will be given a variety of items to assist you.


In Gravity, you need to survive falling from the highest point of the map to the lowest. Using whatever method possible to stop yourself from taking fall damage, get to the portal at the bottom to progress to the next map. The first player to beat all 5 maps is the winner!


BedWars is a strategic player versus player minigame. Each team has a bed that they must protect, because whenever a teams bed breaks they will no longer be able to respawn! There are summoners on your island that will generate resources for you and your team that you can trade for various items at the shopkeepers on your island. Other islands will have summoners that generate different kinds of resources that you can use to purchase better items and upgrade your islands summoners. The last team standing wins!


DeathRun is our version of the Garry's Mod classic minigame, 1-2 players will be selected to be the 'deaths' while the other players are 'runners'. The goal for runners is to simply make to the end of map as fast as possible! The runners need to be careful though, because the deaths can use traps to kill the runners and prevent them from making it to the end.

Block Party

In BlockParty you will be teleported to our dance floor. After a couple seconds, a block will be put in your inventory and you must stand on that block, if you do not stand on that block after a certain amount of time it will disappear and you will fall into the void and be eliminated. The last dancer standing wins!

One in the Chamber

Test your bows skills out in this fast paced PvP minigame. Your arrows kill players with a single shot, but don't miss, because unless you get a kill, you will only get a single arrow. Your objective is to get the most amount of kills with a limited amount of time and a limited amount of lives.