Profiles and Friend System


One of our most requested features for our old server Condival, was a friends system. With the release of Lamentis, not only we will finally be implementing a friends system but player profiles, and ignore lists as well. These systems aim to completely revamp the way you interact with fellow players on Lamentis.

Player Profiles

The biggest part of this change is easily the addition of the player profiles. With player profiles you can view yours and other players achievements, punishments, stats, and more. You can also manage your friends list and ignore list directly from the player profile menu. In the player profiles menu you will be able to edit all of your settings, from friend settings to privacy settings and more. The command to access player profiles is /profile and if you wish to see someone else's profile you can use /profile [username]

Friends System

The most requested feature of this social revamp, is the friends system. On top of the usual mechanics of being able to add and remove people you meet on the server, you will be able join your friends through the friends list, broadcast messages to friends, and if you don't like these options you can toggle these features through our settings menu. You can use the /friend help command to check out the friend system.

Ignore List

Along with having a friends list we have also decided to add an ignore list. The ignore list is a fairly simple system that allows you to ignore chat messages from players. You can block players from their profile or you can use the /ignore [username] and /unignore [username] command to manage your ignore list.